Memory: The Inconspicuous Problem Of Today

Now, this post was inspired by the increasing number of times when I would walk into a room and forget exactly why I was there. Then I would feel incomplete and sit around for hours till I remembered what I initially walked in for. Another example? I promised to bring a book for a friend, but kept forgetting (for over two weeks). “What are you talking about?” I once asked her. (She was quite exasperated with me, I might add. I did give it to her finally, but only after she gave me around half a dozen reminders one fine morning. :D) The thing is, I have a pretty good memory in everything but for the ordinary day-to-day tasks – and sometimes it gets on my nerves.

My reaction whenever she brought up the book. šŸ™‚

My point is, we’ve all had problems with our memory at one time or the other. Don’t act so surprised, or even try to deny that. (Unless you are a Grand Master reading this – you may ignore that statement. :D) Remember that time when you forgot to add the baking powder to a cake and realised it only after a mushy mess came out of the oven? Or perhaps that time you found yourself locked out of the house because you forgot your keys at the office? (You also happened to have a spare set under the doormat – but you forgot about that too :D) And that time you forgot that really long answer that you spent the night learning – smack in the middle of an important exam? No wonder we all wish for a fantabulous memory at times. Maybe that wish will now come true!

Niranjana’s 4 Steps To a Fantastic Memory

  • First of all, you have to stop telling yourself you have a bad memory. The more you say it, the more you believe it, and the more you believe it, the worse your memory gets. So, never say things like, “I have the world’s worst memory ever!” or “I can never remember things!”. Have someone near you remind you of this if you’re used to making such remarks.
  • Next, understand that your brain works better with pictures than with words. So if you’ve got to remember something like a speech for a seminar or lecture šŸ™‚ try to create pictures for certain keywords and use the pictures to create a kind of story that’s similar to what your speech says.
  • The most important key to a really great memory for everyday things is to form associations in your head. Link what you need to remember to something you will mostly or surely do or see. That will trigger your memory and you’ll remember whatever it was that you had to remember. For example, if you’re like me, you’ll forget where you left the keys to your house or you’ll forget to return a book you borrowed from a friend. (That was a common and pretty embarrassing situation with me. :D) Okay now, when you put your keys by the printer, create an association in your head linking both of them and focus really hard. Maybe the printer is printing out dozens of keys and the room is filled with them. The next time you think of your keys, if you focused properly, you will remember the printer printing keys, and you’ll remember where you put them. In case of the book, I’m pretty sure we all wear shoes or footwear when we leave the house. Ā So, think of the book or magazine rolled up and stuck in the shoes, which are walking on their own. The next time you look at those shoes, you can’t help but see them walking with the books rolled up in them.
  • This is one thing you have to do when you’re improving your memory – try and thinkĀ of absolutely outrageous situations and focus when registering them. OutrageousĀ events tend to kind of stand out in your memory and you get reminded of them easily since they don’tĀ happen day to day!

There you go! In case you’re wondering – I got these tips from a book I once read by Nishant Kasibhatla (Grand Master in Memory). Now you don’t have an excuse for that burnt batch biscuits you pulled out of the oven. Nor do you have one for forgetting your keys. From this moment, we shall all have a terrific memory! (Hopefully. :D)

I leave you with this tremendously motivating GIF. šŸ˜€

Yes! I have a great memory! šŸ™‚

As always, read, enjoy and please do comment! I’d love to hear from you!

Catch you later!

Niru ā¤


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