A Poem: Dreams

Before I begin this post, I should put this out there – I am one of those few who have vivid dreams and still remember them in the morning. Often, those sub-conscious thoughts will find their way into my work and weave themselves in. It isn’t until I finish writing that I begin to notice the similarities. That just goes to say how much dreams can play a role in your life. In mine, it takes the form of my writing. In yours, it could be something else. Rest assured, we all have dreams – whether you remember them or not is the question. Scientifically, sleep and dreams have been (and continue to be :D) one of the most-researched upon subjects. It’s that interesting!

They’re beautiful too. I mean, you don’t take granted the fact that every night you have a blissful 8 hours to dream (some of us have just short of that :D). They open you up to a whole new world you never knew existed! Those days that you woke up with an unexplained sense of happiness and energy? You’ve just had a really good night filled with beautiful dreams. It’s a simple explanation. My point is, dreams are beautiful, mysterious, unexplained things that appear all the more beautiful when they aren’t explained. 🙂

There are only two kinds of people who sit around trying to unravel the depths of dreams – scientists, and writers. I don’t know about other writers, but as I’ve mentioned before, my dreams influence my work. A pleasant dream induces a poem that revolves around the light bouncing off the spider’s silver web as the dewdrops use it for their playground. (Have you ever noticed it? The dewdrops slide down the dainty silver threads as if they were playing!) A nightmare induces a dark poem that revolves around a mysterious or shady subject. These poems tend to be quite melancholy too.  Yet, these poems woven from my dreams feel so full of dimension and depth, for me as a poet. So full of emotion, so very ethereal. They take me to a different place. It was with this scenario in mind that I penned the poem, “Dreams”.


Manifestation of the endless realms,

As beautiful and charming as your average elm,

As indecisive and multifarious as dear fickle nature,

As secretive and revealing as your classic literature,

Like the raindrop that embraces its siblings at sea,

Like sugar that adds sweet to your bitter coffee,

Like the youthful flower that will open up to its new life in time,

Like the breeze that adds music to your plain wind chime,

As clairvoyant as the stars that shine above,

As comforting as the feel of affection and love,

As tender as any gentle flower could feel,

As impossible as any worldly thing may seem,

As heavenly as a perfect life would be,

As tranquil as a clear sky – calm and serene,

As precarious as life may at times seem,

As delicate as the slender reeds by the stream,

Visitor of the star-studded and reticent night,

To stay by your side in the magic of starlight,

Visitor of the darkest hours so as to not be seen,

To let you discover you in the form of a dream.

Dreams are marvellous. They are so very…indescribable to me. It is extremely hard to find words that describe dreams perfectly. I think I’m going to have to invent a new word good enough. 😀

Am I dreaming? Or did I have a great dream? 😀

Don’t you think dreams are beautiful? As always, read, enjoy and please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

Catch you later!

Niru ❤


I love hearing from my readers. Please comment! :)

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