How To: Beat The Monday Blues Every Week

Sigh. Another Monday. The start of the ‘work week’ for all of us, and all we can do is wait for that glorious Friday (sometimes Saturday :D) to welcome us with open arms. (Cue another sigh.) Do you feel tired or energy-less when you wake up and realise it’s a Monday? Does the whole world suddenly seem dreary? Do you feel so dull you just don’t want to get out of bed? Sounds like a bad case of the Monday Blues.  Speaking of which, my Monday Blues can get pretty horrible on well, every Monday. Really, really horrible. To be honest, here’s what I look like most Mondays.

Five more minutes. Please.

I’m one of those people who believe that the beginning of the week decides the tone of the rest of the days. On Monday mornings, I feel sluggish and tired and everything that makes you not want to leave your bed. I am never in the right mood, and I  see everything predicted during the week in a negative light. Describe me in four words when I have a bad case of the Blues? Cranky, Cynical, Moody and Lethargic.Trust me, I know exactly what it’s like, and it’s worse for me because I’m not a coffee-drinker.(For most, coffee is an effective remedy for the Blues :D) I have never tasted coffee in my entire life. (Sounds unbelievable?) But it’s true. Therefore, I had to find other ways to make my Monday Blues disappear.

Hey, when I get like this during the day….

Zzz….what? Zzz….No. No, I can’t sleep. Not now. Zzz….

…I know I’ve got to do something about it. 😀 And lo, behold!

Niru’s 7 Ways To Beat The Monday Blues

1.  Never ever ever sleep late on a Sunday night. Never. Ever.

2. Wake up early and give yourself a bit of time to get used to the fast-paced life during your weekdays. Maybe even take a nice walk in the fresh air. It helps.

3. If you still feel sluggish, have a nice, hot cup of coffee or milk and relax yourself. Think of a happy place (somewhere you feel you can be yourself with no pressure. My happy place, for example, is a beach-side rose garden with colourful butterflies.) 😀 A nice, warm shower helps too.

4. Face the fact that Monday is here…but that Friday will be back in the blink of an eye. Often, thinking about happy things can have a lasting effect on your mood. Plan something great for a Friday night. (Preferably with friends or family.)

5. Eat an awesome breakfast. I mean – awesome. Do not skip it unless you want to feel right down in the dumps all day.

6. Think about meeting your friends at the workplace or school and talk cheerfully to your family at home. Trust me, this definitely works. They can cheer you up like nobody’s business.

7. Treat yourself to some comfort food. It should make you feel warm and cuddly inside; the food depends upon you and where you’re from. It should make you feel all comfy – that’s all that matters. Sometimes I nibble on a bit of dark chocolate to help wash away that moodiness.

So, there you have it! The ways I beat the Monday Blues every week. To be honest, the Blues can take away the joy of a whole week. The joy of doing a whole lot of things that should make you feel ecstatic! So, what about you? Do you have any special or unique ways you use to beat your Monday Blues? 
As always, read, enjoy, like and please leave a comment below! I look forward to hearing from you!
Catch you later!
Niru ❤

I love hearing from my readers. Please comment! :)

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