The Hobby: People Watching

I think everyone has some sort of hobby, one or the other. It can be knitting and crocheting for some; reading, writing and a passion for music for others; and some of us, I have no doubt, like to relax in that comfortable, soft couch while watching our favourite TV show with a bowl of popcorn by our side. Not that that is a real hobby 🙂 , but moving on. There are things, that we, as humans, enjoy doing. 

Lately, one of those things appear to be people-watching. I guess the whole thing sounds weird at first. (The name gave me a creepy impression of stalking. I don’t know why.) But it looks like some of us spend the time you wait for a bus, or a couple of minutes at lunch to observe people and try to infer things about them and their personalities. After a bit of pondering (not to mention my ever-increasing hesitation and awkwardness), I found it quite fascinating. To know a little (however little) about someone just by reading the way they move their hands, or the way they walk – well, it’s remarkable. And if any of you all out there want to be an author (like me :D), people watching can give you tons of inspiration. You’d be surprised on how many plots come up in your head once you do a bit of people watching. I’ve even based characters on random people I’ve watched cross the street. 

The idea is that you observe people and their interactions within a crowd.  It’s best if it’s crowded simply because the main aspect of people watching is that they don’t know you’re watching them. If they did, they wouldn’t act natural. I don’t know about you, but if someone tried to ‘people-watch’ me in a place with only a couple of others there, I’d notice pretty fast. And I’d get very uncomfortable. 🙂 That’s pretty much why the key is to not let them know you’re observing them. It all has to be very inconspicuous.

Yeah. Don’t people-watch me after I know you’re watching me. Awkward.

There’s nothing I like to do better than take up a quiet place in an unnoticed corner and simply gaze around the room. Watch the people talk. Watch them walk. Watch them laugh. Watch them smile. And you know what’s completely unnerving about the whole experience? I feel like I know them all already. That inspires the way my characters act in my stories.

You don’t have to be a writer to people-watch. You can do it just to pass time or for a bit of fun when you’ve got a few spare minutes. You can do it to get a first impression of someone you’re going to meet for the first time. It’s really just something some of us do.

So the next time you’re waiting for your bus, or you’re at the mall and you have nothing to do, try a little bit of people watching and see how it is! Cast your eyes around and maybe you’ll find another people-watcher! 🙂 

As always, read, enjoy, and put down your thoughts in the comments section below – are you a people watcher? If not, will you try it? I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. I know that this is one of my shorter posts, but I had to actually make  time to write this post. Yet, I can never seem to make enough! I’ll write a longer one next time – and that’s a promise!

Catch you later!

Niru ❤


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