How To: Read A Book. Properly.

I wasn’t going to post this.

I seriously wasn’t. But then I realised that there are ever so many people out there who have no idea that the book they hold in their hand is magic. Something that can take to places far and away, over the seven seas, into different worlds and when they don’t make use of it properly…honestly, I don’t know quite what to do. You can act as surprised as you want – in fact, here’s one of my friends expression when I showed her this post.

What? Huh – excuse me. I do know how to read a book! Humph.

You see, it’s something I’ve encountered lately – half the people I meet have read a book. Yet they haven’t properly read it. There no tried and true ‘formula’ to reading a book, but there are certain unspoken guidelines that make the whole story a lot more enjoyable. What with the internet and eBook revolution taking over the entire universe :D, I realize that not everyone reaches out for a book these days. Goodness me, I publish my books as eBooks since it gives me a wider readership base! Yet – there’s something about holding a nice, warm book in your hands; turning the crinkly, yellowed pages and breathing in the musty smell as you journey through another world that seems all too real. When I read a book, I am absolutely oblivious to the surroundings. I remember when my friends would pull my book away from me when they’d gotten tired of calling my name for the umpteenth time.

That’s how you should be when you’re actually reading a book. You don’t just flip through the pages and announce proudly that you’ve finished a book. No – you don’t. You’ve got to travel through the pages, immerse yourself within the book, let the book take over your mind. You’ve got to watch it all happen right before your very eyes. You’ve got to be able to tell someone else exactly what happens in the book without a single hesitation. That’s reading a book.

Don’t be intimidated though. I’ve got just the thing that’ll help you read it properly.

Niru’s 6 Steps To Reading A Book. Properly.
1. Pick an interesting book. One that makes you want to read.
2. Open the book when you know you’ll have enough time. Don’t start reading only to close the book five minutes later. It breaks the continuity of the whole process. I know how busy life can seem sometimes, but try and read at least a chapter every time you open the book.
3. Allow yourself to be unprejudiced when you begin to read. Let the story do the talking. Once you start reading, you will form thoughts. That’s absolutely fine. But never open a book with pre-formed ideas of what will happen.
4. When you read, you don’t talk. In fact, you don’t exist in this world. You exist in the book. You are oblivious to the outside world, as is the outside world to you. You are a quiet person reading in tranquil surroundings.
5. Allow your brain to process the story. I’ve no doubt that if you were immersed in the book, you’ll find yourself thinking about it. This is absolutely perfect. It’s amazing. Just don’t daydream about it at school or work. 😀 What if she was an ordinary girl instead of a witch? What if he was born a superhero? What if? You must think.
6. Don’t skip pages or to the back of the book. It spoils the entire, lovely plot’s continuity. You’ll have to learn to handle suspense and a few chapters that drag in every story. You might find a new character introduced in the part you skipped and you will think, “Who on earth is that?”
Reading a book is a lot like the rolling waves that splash on the shore. You go with the flow and the plot may drag at times, but the finale will be so epic – it will make up for everything. Trust me on this. 🙂
As always, read, enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you, but a like would do too! 😀
Catch you later!
Niru ❤

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