Poetry: The Art Of Pouring Words.

Poetry is something extremely beautiful. It’s the spontaneous overflow of human emotions, as Wordsworth would have put it.

It takes you to another world while you stay put in one place. It’s a lot like imagination. In fact, a lot of it is imagination. Poets strive to share what they feel with you, but most often you end up perceiving the poem in your own way. What I see as a poet is different from what you see as a reader. It’s an art – some are born with an innate ability to compose poetry, others acquire it as they grow. But it needn’t be only those ‘poets’ who can write – it can be you too. The wonderful thing about poetry is that there’s nothing right and nothing wrong. Each piece of work is different and unique and that’s what makes it special. 

To be a poet, you need to look at everything differently. There’s a poem in every single thing you see. You just need to find it. I know when there’s a poem ready to burst out of me – that feeling you get when words just randomly pop up in your mind and put themselves into order. That’s why I call poetry the ‘Art Of Pouring Words’ – that’s all it really is. There’s no better time to write a poem than when your heart is welling up with emotions and you don’t find any outlet to let it all out. Writing down what you feel can cure you of anything – believe me, I know. Anger, frustration  sadness, excitement – they’ll all fade away once you put them on paper. Plus, you’ll end up with a very beautiful work of art to proudly display to your friends and family. You can go and tell them, “I’m a poet!”

Oh yeah! I did it!

You don’t have to be published to be a poet. Why, a lot of poets out there aren’t even sure they want to be published. 

A poem doesn’t have to be rhyming either. Some of the best works of art have been freestyle poetry. Sometimes they carry more meaning than a structured poem. In a structured poem, the rhyme and rhythm makes up for any lost meaning. In a freestyle poem, the depth of reason and meaning makes up for the lost rhyme and rhythm. They are each beautiful in their own wonderful way.

I leave you with this poem about diamonds in the sky.

A thousand stars lit up the sky,
Twinkling on their cloud nine,
A vast black sheet with silver stones,
Radiating beauty as they glowed,
They shine their brightest on a moonless night,
And shine even better in soft moonlight,
They seem so small, so out of reach,
If only we knew, they have much to teach,
It’s ethereal, a moment of bliss,
Go on and see a star what it is,
Impartial; from an unbiased point of view,
You’ll feel the beauty of its silver hues,
The beauty of the mystical sparkles at night,
That reflect as the diamonds in my eye.
As always, read, enjoy and let me know what you think – comment! Are you going to go write a poem after reading this? Or are you going to read one? 
Catch you later!

I love hearing from my readers. Please comment! :)

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