The Unreliability Of Software: A True Story.

Okay, this is not so much a proper post than it is a rant. Unimaginably, my computer chooses to break down! :/ Honestly! The very idea! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the time to fix it earlier than this and that, exactly, is the reason for my long absence from the blogosphere. To be truthful, I actually missed blogging. (Who wouldn’t? Another reason as to why I hate computers.)

In my position – Good riddance! I’ve had enough!

If there’s one thing I learnt from this whole episode (rather,  fiasco!), it’s that I shouldn’t really trust computers. I’ve had several encounters with computer crashes and I’ve lost way too many files that had important content. (Yes, I did have backup files, but what if I hadn’t?) It feels like these computers could crash any moment! Honestly, at times my opinion of computers drops to an extremely low level- for example  – “Computers are cold, heartless, metal objects that have no other objective in life than to make your life miserable by double-crossing you.” (This opinion is only held at times. When they become extremely annoying. Otherwise, I simply adore computers. They are extremely useful.)

Now, combining this with the fact that this is a highly debatable topic and that I’ve been watching too many crime shows lately, I’ve decided to present the rest of this post as an excerpt from a court scene – at least how I’d imagine it.

Judge: Prosecution, present your case.

Pro: Your Honour, I represent the worldwide population in this courtroom today. My client, ahem, clients maintain that the defendant has, on countless occasions caused them a headache by unnecessarily crashing.

Def: Your Honour, if the prosecution will continue to  present their case on the basis of a headache, my client and I will find our way out of the courtroom.

Pro: The defendant is in charge of several important documents, Your Honour, ones that pose a great danger to the respective corporate companies if they should find their way into wrong hands. It is simply abominable that the defendant shuts down when he pleases and that those documents are lost permanently. We come into trial on the grounds of double-crossing.

Def: Your Honour, my client maintains that the reasons for his seemingly unexplained actions have a human cause most of the time and therefore he cannot be blamed.

Pro: Objection, Your Honour!

Jud: Overruled!

Def: As I was saying, Your Honour, the human race creates viruses, or works technology too hard. What else can you expect from an overworked system?

Pro: Your Honour! The very reason we turn to technology today is the fact that humans are unreliable when they are overworked. That is the reason why computers were created. It seems silly to me that they use the same reason as a defense.

(Proceeds to witness-accounts that are overwhelmingly in favour of the prosecution. They shall not be mentioned here.)

Pro: That’ll be all, Your Honour.

Def: That will be our case, Your Honour.

The judge begins to judge….

Jud: In light of the recent events and eye-witness accounts that have been produced at court, I rule in the favour of the prosecution. The court is adjourned.

VERDICT: Guilty.

Those double-crossed by the world of technology celebrate their VICTORY! Ahem…I mean, justice.

My point is, computers give you a false sense of security. You think, “Oh. My. Gosh. Technology is the best invention ever! Now I can keep all my documents in one place safely!” The next minute? “Oh. My. Gosh. Technology is the worst invention ever! Now I can keep all my documents in one place so they can all become non-existent together!”

P.S. Yes, I know that computers are dead useful. It’s just that sometimes they can get extremely frustrating. They simply won’t work the way you want them to when you need them to. And yes, I do know how to use computers and back my files so I don’t lose any. However, you should know that I have very bad timing and extremely bad luck.

P.P.S. The court scene was entirely from my imagination – and yes, it was extremely biased. This post was written at a time when I was simply exasperated with the technological world.

Catch you later!



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