Two Choices

Who hasn’t been in a dilemma before?

To all those with a difficult choice to make at this moment: 

Two Choices

I sit in the dark, one among the shadows,

Two choices lay before the reflection of my ghost,

One seems so pretty, ever so divine,

But to choose that one, and I lose the other so fine.

When both offer much, what do I do?

When my heart leans to one, and my head to two?

When one is what I want to do,

But what I feel I must do is two?

One forms my right, and two my left,

Without either I feel but bereft,

Devoid of simple earthly pleasure,

Wondering what might have been had I chosen the other.

Guided by my fragile heart am I,

Yet my head takes over my heart at times,

For to love and to feel, the heart must sometimes be wrong,

And to think and prevent that, is the mind’s hard job.

Ah, is there no way but to take the two?

I’ve laid out these words for you to construe,

Must I be forced to choose one and leave the other?

Is it expected of me to never look thither?

Answer me, for I am but caught between,

Two sides of a vicious battle in me,

My heart says one, my head says two,

With two equal choices, which do I choose?

(Poem by Niranjana, Copyright 2014: Please look to the copyright for other details.)

Catch you later!

Niru ❤


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