Wishes vs Dreams: Who Will Win?

“The most beautiful realities were once the wildest dreams.  The wildest dreams were once a passing wish.”

Once I was asked by a friend, “Niru, if you had to describe yourself in one word, how would you do it?”

Hmmm. How would I?

I tend to do that when I’m thinking too… 🙂


Dreams are beautiful things. They stand for everything man should hold dear to his heart – creativity, imagination, and passion.

How many of us have dreams? How many of us have wishes? How many of us know the difference between both?

Wishes. Dreams. Two words with similar meanings, but all the same, they are different.  They are steps to perfection. This perfection can come in various sizes and forms, differing for every person. A teenager’s dream is different from that of someone in their mid-thirties. As you grow, you’re going to conquer wishes, paint your dreams, and achieve those goals.

I have a lot of wishes, but only some move forward and become a dream. I wished that I could be a world-famous author once – now I dream of it. I wished that I could become a surgeon once – now I dream of it. And what I dream of is what I want to achieve. It is my goal.

There are four stages:

  • First, those thoughts that simply pass through your mind for a second, those moments when you feel as though you want something very badly – those are wishes. You are only imagining a certain pleasurable situation.  There is no real effort being put into it – you do not for a second think of making it reality.
  • Secondly, we have dreams. A wish becomes a dream when you are willing to put in whatever effort is required to make it reality. When there is a certain amount of passion in your eyes, when you know you have the potential to make it real. That is a dream.
  • Third, a dream becomes a goal when you decide to make it reality. When you begin to put in effort to realize a dream, it has already become a goal. A goal you are working towards.
  • Fourth, when you achieve your goal, it becomes your reality.

This is the chain of events. You have a wish. When you are ready to put some effort into it, the wish becomes a dream. When you begin to put effort into it, it becomes a goal. When you achieve the goal, it becomes reality.

If it is this simple, how is it that there are so many people out there who have a lot of wishes but no dreams? How is it possible that for some, it is a dream, but for others, it’s just a passing wish? Can I put that down to the incredible laziness of mankind or shall I put it down to a lack of imagination?

We ought to think of wishes and dreams. Goals and reality. What a simple wish could do. It could change your life, and change need not always be a bad thing. But to let a wish become your reality, you will need to have passion and commitment. If you have passion, you will always be motivated. If you have commitment, you will always be determined.

Wishes aren’t just for five-year old children. They aren’t something out of a fairy-tale. You don’t forget about wishes just because you outgrow blowing candles out on your chocolate birthday cake. (Not that anyone can outgrow cake. :D)

Wishes are special. You are never too young or too old to make wishes. Never too young or old to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you wish upon a star.

So, the next time you are curled up in that armchair with a hot cup of coffee, thinking about life, here’s what you should do.

Make a wish.

For throughout his life, a man will have a thousand wishes, hundred dreams, ten goals but only one reality.

Make that reality a good one.

Also, a big thank you to Marti over at Just Outside The Box Cartoon for the awesome cartoon that destroys ‘writer’s block syndrome’! All writers – head over there to rid yourself of the writer’s block! ( Also, ‘writer’s block syndrome’ doesn’t exist. Or does it? 😀 You decide!)

Catch you later!

Niru ❤