Celebrations : Sound the Fanfare!

I’ve got good news and bad news.

1. I have been on a writing hiatus for over two months.

Good news makes people happy.

2. I have returned from the writing hiatus!

Trust me, no one is happier than me. 😀

I never wanted to go on a hiatus in the first place. It’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen to me. It doesn’t happen very often, because writing is how I vent. Positive or negative emotions all eventually find their way onto paper. (Or in my case, blog posts. 🙂 ) I need to clear my head? Write. Super-excited about something and need to calm down? Write. I feel like sobbing till I can’t breathe anymore? Write.

That is how my brain works. Guess what? I’m glad that it’s wired that way. There’s no better way to get your inner voice out than writing, because it helps you think. When I write, at least, I read my work again from an objective point of view – and I get a lot of answers that way.

I never forgot this place. It’s special. Here is where I found a community of people who would listen to your ideas whether or not they shared the same opinions as you – some who shared my interests, some who have taught me new things. (Thank you, everyone! 🙂 I’ll be visiting!) I’ve been here in the background, wanting to write and post, trying to come up with something – anything –  worthy of posting.

I’ve been sitting  in front of the computer, fingers lingering over the keyboard, reminiscing of how they would dart about, typing so naturally.  I’d look up at the blank screen, with a blank mind to match – and those where the moments when I’d miss the rush of writing. For a writer, there’s no break. We’re always thinking, always noticing the tiniest things, always coming up with new ideas. There’s not a moment when our minds are empty except in two situations:

a) We turn it off because we need to focus on our day to day lives. (This rarely to never happens, but it’s possible.)

b) Our minds turns itself off for no reason whatsoever. (This happens once in a blue moon, but when it does, it’s a nightmare come alive.) Definitive proof that sometimes, things can happen for no reason. We’ve just got to accept it.

In fact, as I’m typing, there’s a sort of ecstatic rush in my heart. I’m writing again, my mind’s processing at a speed of a thousand ideas per minute, and that makes me feel good. If you’ve ever written after struggling to write for a while, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Either way, my mind, for some reason, turned itself off. I simply could not write a word. I’d still get ideas every now and then, but putting them down on paper proved to be a gregarious task. I had no clue why I didn’t have the inspiration I need to write, because it usually pays me unexpected visits at extremely perfect times such as:

  • When I’m in the middle of presenting my project.
  • When I’m supposed to be doing my chores.
  • When I’m in the middle of an exam.
  • And other such instances when I cannot get away from the real world.

In fact, it pays a visit almost any other time than when I actually have time to write. That’s the life of a writer for you! 🙂

The point is, I love writing. This feels good. (I’ll be posting more to make up for the lost time 😀 ) It is a way to let out pent-up emotions and ideas that may or may not read by the rest of the world. Yet , if one person reads it, you’ve made a difference.

And hey, what else could you ever want as a writer?

Catch you later!

Niru ❤


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