The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything.


A seemingly ordinary and plausible integer that has two digits, is positive, and is divisible by 2, 3, 6 and 7.

It is also “The Answer To Life, The Universe and Everything.” (If you haven’t read the Hitchhiker’s series, find out more here.)

Even Google says so – what other proof do you need?

Or is it?

Sometimes, we all get a tad bit philosophical. Admit it. There’s no point in denying it. We all find that spare time to contemplate life and wonder what on earth we did was ever so wrong to begin with. Then we contemplate what on earth is ever so wrong with the world around us and wonder why everything is wrong with the world in the first place. Then we contemplate…okay, you get the point – we end up contemplating. And wondering.

Sherlock wonders too.

We spend all our time looking for answers. At any given point in time, I can assure you that somewhere, someone is looking for an answer. I do not know what the question is, nor will anyone, but there is always an ongoing search for an answer.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are pretty simple. Sometimes the questions are simple and answers are so very complicated (case in point, examinations :D). Sometimes we convince ourselves that we have to find an answer to the question we haven’t even found yet.

You see, there are tons of unanswered questions around you, and you can’t attempt all of them at the same time, because if you do, it’s likely that you don’t know the question properly. If that’s the case, you probably won’t find the right answer either.

In the book (Hitchhiker’s), Deep Thought, a supercomputer, pronounces 42 as The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything. It was a moment of joy. There it was, the answer they’d struggled so hard to get. It was right there in front of them! The code of the universe had been cracked!

Then Deep Thought, living up to his name, points out that 42 seems rather meaningless because they didn’t know the question, and that he was not capable of giving them the question, but he could design another computer that could. The mice, who didn’t want to spend another 10 million years waiting for the results, settle upon the question, “How many roads must a man walk down?”

I have always found this to be a play on what humans today actually do. They spend every ounce of their energy in pursuit of the answers they so diligently seek, and when they receive them, they don’t have an inkling of what to do with them. It’s because they never understood the questions, and so they simply settle on ones that seem ‘right’ to them. Then they complain that the answer was wrong.

So, I’d like to put forth this statement – chances are, when you find your question, you’ll soon find your answer.

Yes, we have questions. We need answers. Why? Because that’s a big part of life, finding questions, finding answers. Finding Nemo. 😀 (Okay, scratch that last one, but it is a splendid movie, you know.)

Finding them gives, perhaps, a sense of purpose to life. A meaning. This meaning changes for everyone, because everyone is different. They have their own ways of understanding things, of looking at the world.

That is why this quote I once read has stayed with me.

The meaning of life is to give it a meaning.

And so, as Deep Thought would say,

To travel the world, do what our heart tells us to, and always carry our brains with us.

And to give our lives the meaning we know it needs.

Catch you later!

Niru <3′





3 thoughts on “The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything.

  1. […] Life isn’t a race; it’s not our job to make it one. It isn’t a race to see who can outrun their problems the fastest – it’s a journey that is unique and shaped differently for everyone. 🙂 (We’ve all got different perceptions on life, and I’ve written about mine here – The Answer To Life, The Universe, And Everything.) […]

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