Memories: Or Perhaps I Should Say, Threads


The word in itself, no matter in what context it is uttered, is dramatic.

It holds within its realm of three syllables a myriad of emotions – happy, sad, excitement, anxiety – so much more that what I can put down to words. Emotions stick with you; they are the reason memories are what they are. They are the mind’s equivalent of photographs and videos. They are saved, later retrieved upon the release of a particular trigger.

What sometimes happens is that this trigger rusts. Life gets busy. You have to think so much of the present and force yourself to think too much of the future, that you think not enough of the past.

What is it that they say? “Past is in the past; look to the future”? Something like that, anyway. Let me just say, I don’t believe in it. The past is what made me who I am today. Maybe I shouldn’t let it get to me and hinder me from moving into the present – but it does not mean that I should forget about it. It will always be a part of the story that is your life, and nothing  you or I can do will ever be enough to change it.

Accept your past. Do not forget it.

But never, ever let it overwhelm you to such an extent that you are stuck in the past, unable to live in the present.

Yes, the past can hurt…

…or learn from it.

Okay. Rant over. 😀 (Lion King is the one the best movies, though. I have to say that. 🙂 )

So, as I was saying, the trigger rusts – but sometime or the other, something is bound to pull it. And when that happens, you will be greeted by an avalanche of memories – a landslide of emotions. You will feel anger, sadness, bliss, and carefree all at once.

And it will leave you a confused mess of thoughts.

You have no idea.

I’ve often spent times going over a timeline of memories in my head. Believe me, it’s like the Internet Superhighway, the way a laugh changes into a sob and then into a shout. XD That is to say, they’re all special. They’re all different.

The thing is, these moving pictures that we call memories are, in my view, threads that will connect us to particular points in the past. They are light, and seldom do we feel their weight, unless we pull on them. They help us reel thoughts of the past into the present, and never fall short when we are in need of them. Spun of thoughts by the hippocampus, there are millions of these threads that exist.

Then why do we cut them?

Often people choose to erase a memory because they ‘don’t want to think of it’. It’s understandable and it depends on the person. It is in times like those that they really wish that the Neuralyzer has already been invented.

But is the complete loss of the memory and all the emotion connected with it worth it? Is a detachment from that part of your life going to help you? Perhaps. Is that the right way to go about it? You tell me.

Besides, I’m sure we’ll also be able to find a Deneuralyzer to recover lost memories. 🙂

What do you mean Deneuralyzers don’t exist yet? Clearly you don’t have top-level security clearance.


The word in itself, no matter in what context it is uttered, is dramatic. You know why?

They are dreams we once lived. 

Dreams we have the power to relive. 

Catch you later!

Niru <3′


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