If Life Is A Story, Then The Universe Must Be An Anthology.

Today I realised that we all have our own stories. And when we’re too caught up in writing our own, we miss out on each other’s.

I’m sure that we have all come across those inspirational posts telling us that our lives are our stories. It could be posted by your parent, sibling, best friend, that random guy you met on Facebook, that embarrassing distant relative we all avoid at reunions (come on, you know it’s true 😀 ), or the creepy neighbour living next door whom you’re quite certain is stalking you.

You know, these kind of posts:

The ones that are blunt and tell you the facts straight up.

The ones that sugarcoat to motivate.

The ones that are painfully obvious.

And of course, the ‘artsy’, ‘I so believe in this’, ‘It looks pretty so it’s true’ ones.

Yeah. Those kind of posts.

I normally don’t have much against them. Sometimes I even agree with them. Yet, there is something about them that I simply cannot understand. In every single one of these posts, we don’t talk about any other story but our own. It is always about ‘you’ and ‘your’ story.

But I’m not the only one writing my story.

We’re all lost in our own world, waiting to be found. We all have stories behind the words we exchange and the smiles we gift. We have all had a life before we meet a new person, and he or she has had a life before they met you.Yet we think only of how far we have come, and how far we have to go. We wonder of what we could’ve done, and what we still can do. We regret decisions we have made, and fear the ones we will.

When we finally do take a peek at another life, we start reading their stories only from the chapter we entered their lives in. It is rare that we skip to the beginning but common to skip to the end. You know why? Because these chapters are a part of our stories too – and we’re immersed in writing our own. We need only what we want. We’re interested in how they affect our lives, but I’m prepared to bet that we take little time to think about how we might have affected theirs.

There is so much to every person we will ever meet because their story is what makes them, them. If we’re too focused on our own story, we lose track of them. We’ve got to see that when we look at someone, we’re only seeing the part of them we interact with now. Not the part of them that we would’ve interacted with a few mistakes ago, or perhaps a few losses ago, maybe even a few happier years ago.

Know that on this journey, you will read more stories that your mind can comprehend, but that’s okay. Learn that everyone has a story worth remembering. Understand that you’re not the only one.

The best writers always find the time to read other stories.

What are we, as writers, if we do not read? Who are we, as masters of our lives, if not amateurs to others’? Where are we, as people, if not in each other’s stories?

Yes, life is a story, and inspirational posts have reiterated that.

But if life is a story, then the universe must be an anthology – a collection of all our stories, intertwined together. You can’t understand it when you’re missing a piece. And when you’re too caught up in writing your own story, you miss out on another’s.

You miss out on that piece.

Catch you later!

Niru 🙂


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