About Niru :)

So, who is this person behind the posts and rants on ‘A Wild Imagination’?

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Me in a nutshell!

In the blogosphere, I go by Niru, short for Niranjana – an aspiring doctor and novelist. I love to read books, especially if you dig up a classic detective novel (a murder mystery would be best! 😀 ) and I get inspired very easily. I believe that writing is the best form of self-expression today and often pen my thoughts down, threading the words together, writing poems and stories. My imagination works overtime often, and makes it seem like I live in a world of magic – not the Harry Potter kind – but a simple feel of magic in the air. Those moments when the world around seems so very special and perfect that it’s almost like it was the work of some form of Magic.

As a nature-lover, most of the time, my works will revolve around some aspect of the environment’s beauty. Tranquility, calm, and silence but for nature’s sounds would probably be my haunt when I need to get away from the usual hustle-bustle. (Preferably with a book and pencil in hand.)

When it comes to cooking, I must admit that I am quite messy in the kitchen, but the food usually makes up for it. Clean-up time is not looked forward to, though. Most of my time in the kitchen is spent baking (chocolate-y goodies of delight, usually. 😀 Yum! ), although occasionally I whip something up that doesn’t need to be baked. My favourite thing to make? Desserts.

And of course, who doesn’t listen to music? My favourite genre ranges from country to pop to a little bit of rock.

I am also quite random. It’s typical of me. XD

Do you know me well enough? 🙂


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